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MUARA, Monday, 2 December 2019 - Three personnel from the Royal Brunei Navy successfully completed the 7-weeks Basic Naval Diving Course 2019, conducted by the Naval Surface Action Group (NAVSAG), led by Lieutenant Ak Muhd Rajaie bin Pg Razali, RBN, Acting NAVSAG Training Officer.

A basic diving demonstration was conducted by the course participants during the closing ceremony. This was followed by a presentation of log books and certificates awarded by the Guest of Honour, Commander Ali Mustafa bin Haji Umar, RBN, Commanding Officer of Naval Training. Also in attendance were instructors, officers and personnel from RBN.

The 7 weeks course comprised of three phases of intensive training. The 'Pool Phase' commenced during the first three weeks of the course entailed an introduction of the basics of underwater diving, searching procedures and emergency drills,  as well as pool competency to prepare them for their next phase. The second phase consists of training at sea, where course participants were trained on searching procedures, signals, compass and ship bottom inspections during daylight and nighttime. The third phase is known as 'Operation Week' is the crescendo where the course participants were tested to their mental, physical limits and on everything they have learnt throughout the course.